Monday, July 13, 2009

Beach Sunset Jar

Capturing a great memory of watching the sun set at the beach is what I had in mind for this gift idea.  Some of the items used were recycled, such as the mini wooden bead bracelet, and the mason jar itself!  Collected sand and a few little shell pieces from the actual beach, then printed out a small cropped photo of the actual sunset to tuck in with the sand.  

A great sunset memory, and a fun gift to make for a friend or loved one!  Or for yourself!


eileen hull said...

Love the jar Priscilla! Will you be at CHA? Hope so...

Thetoymakers said...

So cute! I saw a sign yesterday that said, "May you always have a shell in your pocket and sand in your shoes." :-)

See you in August!


Laura Bray said...

What a darling idea! I love the photo too. It looks like it's straight out of a magazine.

Priscilla Burris said...

Thank you for your lovely comments!
I truly appreciate it and I just love that 'shell in your pocket' quote!! That'd be perfect inside the jar!

Unknown said...

I love this idea and put a link to it on my blog!

Debbie Meyer said...

Great idea, Priscilla. I'm off to Cape Cod soon, so I think I'll collect some sand there.

Priscilla Burris said...

Thanks, Debbie! I would love to see what you create from your time away on the shore! Happy Travels!!

Priscilla Burris said...

Thank you so much for linking our blogs! I really enjoyed visiting your blog - and can SO understand your love for everything Hawaiian! I just finished illustrations for a picturebook based there! =0)


Sketch of Latisha, talented cousin of little Jack.


These images are finishes from "The Tale of Jack Frost" book. Release date is November 2008.