Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Candy Corn Month

October is a happy, favorite month of treats!  As September winds down today, I'm cheering each of you on to a great new set of weeks and days to treat yourself to creating something new, artistically, and or literary, and share your masterpieces with us!  National Candy Corn Day isn't until October 30th officially ~ but why put off the enjoyment?!  

Let's get going with fresh, sweet, fun, yummy creative treats, and I'm not just talking about the kind we chew, but new images and stories and works of art and craft we are bursting to create!    


Unknown said...

Yay!! Fun!! October is my favorite month! I love your little doggie! I've been drawing candy corns myself lately! :) :) said...

I love candy corn! That illustration is ooooo cute!

Priscilla Burris said...

Thank you, Kathy and Rachel!
Looking forward to many treats this month
on both your awesome blogs!


Sketch of Latisha, talented cousin of little Jack.


These images are finishes from "The Tale of Jack Frost" book. Release date is November 2008.