Friday, October 9, 2009

Beading Day Fun! Skeleton Key Design

A good friend, and beading jewelry expert, kindly invited me to join her in a beading day adventure, and this skeleton key charm design was what I created after figuring out what colors and elements to include.  After this photo was taken, I added a necklace chain to it, making it fun and wearable at the same time!


Mellisa said...

I think it turned out beautifully! Did you string the chain through the top key loop so it hangs as a pendant?

Craft u Crazy said...

oh, how lovely... your creations are really cool, fun and different ( I like that a lot).. please pop over to my blog and look at my stuff. I have become a follower of your blog (Co's I love your creations) and i really hope you LOVE my stuff and start following me to..

Oh, by the way..... My name is Adele and I'm from South Africa..

Hugs from Africa

Priscilla Burris said...

Thanks, Melissa!
I actually attached the chain from either end of the skeleton key, so it hangs horizontally, and the charms dangle vertically. I have a renewed admiration for anyone who beads and creates jewelry!

Priscilla Burris said...

Hi Adele and thank you so much for your wonderful words, and for following my blog! So kind of you, and I'm honored.
Your blog is amazing!!! I'm a new fan and follower and love the creative work you share there, and the colors you put together. Just beautiful!

Laura Bray said...

It's so exciting to watch you branch out into other creative areas. Everything you do turns out beautifully.

Nina Crittenden said...

The little dove gives it such a quiet charm- lovely!

Sharon Wagner said...

What a fun combination of a found object and beads. Very cool.

Heather Powers said...

Ha! I know you wouldn't be able resist the beads for much longer!!! This is such a fun pendant.


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