Monday, July 19, 2010

Ripple Expressions

When illustrating, it's intriguing to me how the smallest line or mark can be so subtle, but may make such a big difference in the emotion displayed in a character's expression. 

At the Sketchables blog today, I share this sketch and the final painted image, which shows the emotion that I wanted to evoke in this artcard illustration.   This artcard, and the one below, were created for Kelly Light's ripple sketches blog.  Such a great blog chock-full of gorgeous and inspiring art images, all donated to help the animals most affected by the Gulf Oil Spill tragedy.

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Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Oh Pricilla, how beautiful! I love this little one all sketched out and finished. It's a wonderful piece. No doubt that it will sell in seconds he he he he! Great work. I was a student in your one of your seminar classes at SCBWI conference about 4 years ago in New York. I was a part of the artist intensive. I remembered that we spoke about your church that you attend. At time I was attending Christ Church with Pastor David Ireland. That has been years ago. I just remember you being such a great teacher and showing us your fabulous work. You have always stayed in my spirit. God had blessed you with such a wonderful gift and that you share it with such joy is such a blessing in and off itself. May He continue to us you in this publishing world to set it on fire with work that inspires and uplifts.


Sketch of Latisha, talented cousin of little Jack.


These images are finishes from "The Tale of Jack Frost" book. Release date is November 2008.